BYBThe Brand Your Business seminars have been a significant factor in generating new business for stations from coast to coast for the past twelve years.

Typically we visit the market once a year and schedule a series of educational seminars highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of all media.

At the conclusion of each seminar it becomes obvious that TV is the most powerful local medium in the marketplace and those in attendance can purchase a specially priced annual advertising package for their business. The end result is, significant amounts of new business are created with subsequent renewals for many years.


Dear Pat,

I want to thank you for five great years of Brand Your Business success here in Rochester.  The BYB seminars have led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business over the years and given a significant boost to a station that was already the market leader.  Again, I can’t thank you and Tommy enough for helping WHAM grow our business.

Chuck Samuels, General Manager, WHAM13


Brand Your Business is a great new business development resource. Pat Shaughnessy’s engaging style and knowledge of marketing provides a great canvas to bring prospects into the station for an honest dialog about growing business. He and his travelling IT specialist, Tommy Olcott, have been welcomed to our market each year by our AE’s and customers alike.

Jeff McCausland, General Manager, KSAS-TV/KMTW-TV


My entire sales team embraced the Brand Your Business sales initiative and we have become a stronger sales team because of it. The veterans and the rookies learned that all we had to do was get the local business to the meeting and Pat and Tommy would take care of the rest. We have consistently developed over $500,000 of new direct business annually with this program. For the last several years, we have grown market share for the station each quarter and exceeded our new business goal annually. I would strongly recommend AVI Communications and the Brand Your Business program for television stations that want to grow the new local direct business category.

Robert Torres, Sales Manager, KGPE CBS 47