Creative Currency LogoIn today’s highly competitive media selling world, ratings and spot costs take a back seat almost every time when strong and unique branding ideas are presented to your prospects.

The crazy thing is there’s no real selling involved. If the prospect sees or hears something they intuitively know will make their business more memorable and successful they’ll buy YOU and YOUR STATION almost every time. And this is the essence of the Creative Currency System.

Dale Carnegie was right when he said, “A presentation without a demonstration is simply conversation.” With Creative Currency you will dramatically emotionalize your presentation and it will greatly enhance your closing the sale.

The question you need to ask is, "How am I making my customers feel? Am I making them compare or care? Forget real good and remember feel good." Creating the right branding solution for your prospects will demonstrate that you really care and it will completely separate you from the media "order takers."

Here are the key reasons you want to seriously consider securing the Creative Currency System for your station and market.

1. Instant Results - The majority of the prospects you provide us will buy long term contracts on your station.

2. Convenience - Your prospects never have to leave their offices. It's all done by video conferencing.  It takes about 15 minutes to interview the prospect and get the necessary information. After a one hour break, we present the making of an ad campagin that will include lyrics, copy, custom music, and actual singing.

3. On-Time Delivery and Guaranteed Satisfaction - Upon approval of the lyrics and music, your client/prospect will receive the finished product complete with several cuts of music all timed out to integrate into their on air commercials and website. The timeline for delivery of the finished product is within two to three weeks.

4. Sales Training For Your AE's - We will conduct webinar sales training for your AE's and show them how to prospect, plan, and successfully execute the Creative Currency System. We'll teach your AE's how to bring the decision-makers to the presentations and reach a closing ratio goal of 6 out of 10 prospects. So, if your station brings us 30 decision-maker prospects, you can count on adding 18 annual contracts.

5. FUN - Nothing beats the feeling of making a sale, making your client happy, and earning a healthy commission.

6. Free Demonstration - Call Pat Shaughnessy for a free demonstration to see just how powerful and effective the Creative Currency System can be for you and your station.